Advisory Board

Several women from the Boise Alumnae Chapter serve as advisors for the Eta Eta Chapter at the College Idaho. The advisory board ensures the chapter is following all of Theta policies and guidelines. They are also there as a support system to help the members in scholarship, risk management, recruitment and other various ways.



Senior Service

Every May when the seniors of the Eta Eta Chapter at the College of Idaho graduate, the Boise Alumnae Chapter meets with them. This is a very special transition time for young college graduates. In addition to welcoming them to alumnaehood, we share our experiences as alumnae with them. We teach them about all of the great resources that are available with being an alumnae and that Theta truly is for a lifetime. We want them to feel supported and comfortable to reach out to the alumnae chapter in the area where they are heading in the world. 
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